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Why choose SXPR as your Sex Tech PR Agency? 

If you’re looking for a Sex Tech and adult business PR agency, you know not everyone is equipped to navigate the complex world of the adult content industries.
This is why, as industry pioneers, we provide a specialized approach catered to the sensitive nature of your business evolving from the legal and social landscapes surrounding it.

Ola Miedzynska
SXPR Co- Founder

A sex technology and adult tech entrepreneur, business consultant, and sex work advocate. Ola’s career has centered around the technology industry for over a decade, from early-stage startup development to corporate consulting. From augmented reality to wearables, she worked with over 85 global sex tech and adult tech brands.

Ola launched the first German Sex Tech Hackathon (2019) and became the founder and CEO of Sxtech EU - the only global sex tech platform and annual conference dedicated to technology innovation inside the sex tech and adult tech industry. As co-founder of Eroeblla.com, she advocates for sex workers' rights by bridging the gap between sex technology and the destigmatization of sex work.

Fruzsina Lederer
SXPR Co- Founder

Fruzsina is a seasoned PR and brand awareness specialist with expertise in content creation. With a passion for making projects lovable and internationally visible, Fruzsina has worked with startups and well-established brands across diverse industries, including lifestyle, blockchain, tech, and music. Her main focus lies in unleashing creativity and delivering out-of-the-box solutions. Drawing from her experience as a journalist, Fruzsina excels in speaking the language of media professionals, crafting compelling stories for products.

Ana Ornelas, aka Pimenta Cítrica
SXPR Content Creator

An erotic writer, sex educator, and pleasure activist. She works as a content creator, writer, AI specialist, public speaker, and workshop facilitator, to bring a queer inclusive and feminist perspective to erotic and sex educational content. She is also an advocate for cliteracy and pleasure positivity. Ana has collaborated with platforms like Sx Tech EU, Cheex, Lustery, Pornceptual, and many others.

Digital PR & SEO specialist SXPR

Steffen is a Digital PR & SEO specialist responsible for the organic growth of our clients’ websites. With an impressive track record of bringing Germany’s leading erotic dating communities to the forefront of the digital world, he has created innovative Digital PR campaigns that have not only garnered millions of views, but also captivated audiences worldwide. His deep expertise is captured in his acclaimed 2018 book, The Secrets of Online Dating. Steffen’s strategies aren’t just about growth, they’re about creating a digital phenomenon, ensuring that your adult business thrives and resonates with its target audience in the ever-evolving online landscape.